Artist Biography

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I graduated in Fine Art at Kingston University in 2009; I have a degree in Art History at Sussex University and graduated in 2011. The paintings are based on architecture and ideas in these habitations; I also have some screenprints of the specific mediums. The abstract compositions depict architectural structures. These architectural landscapes have compositions with designs and colours that complement. The paintings and their compositions are based on abstraction depicting architecture habitats and environments. These compositions centre on the ideas in shapes with colours and how both matches. In these architectural paintings I research the ideas of the architectural landscape leading to a feeling of gazing at a perspective with habitats places. It could be seen that the colours have a sense of brightness. I also have the seascape paintings with artistic motifs and vibrant colours. These paintings compositions are views of structure in an abstracted fashion. The paintings seem compelling yet in some senses, they are recognisable as landscapes yet they are abstract in their composition. These have complementary compositional shapes with the bright palette of colours and also in this sense the way they match. I will be putting some new paintings up soon.